Private sessions provide the most individualized instruction and the most rapid results. Clients work with an instructor one-on-one on the Pilates apparatus. Clients start at a beginning level and progress from that point.

Lessons are targeted specifically for the individual based on goals, age and ability. Private sessions are scheduled at a time and day that are most convenient for the client.

Private sessions are offered in 1-hour (55 minutes of instruction) and half-hour (25 instruction minutes) lengths and include a warm-up and cooldown period.

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Hour Session Pricing

Single Session 75
10 Sessions 685 (68.50 per class)
20 Sessions 1,250 (62.50 per class)

Half-Hour Session Pricing

Single Session 50
10 Sessions 460 (46.00 per class)
20 Sessions 835 (41.75 per class)